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The Other Canon type of economics was the mainstream economics of the United States and most of Continental Europe until it slowly disappeared during the Cold War. While economic theory in practice – for example in the United States – is frequently based on Other Canon principles, formal courses in Other Canon type of economics are today difficult to find. Other Canon economics is a science of experience, not a science where reality is filtered through categories which are established once and for all and independent of history and context. The study programme at Harvard Business School is one example of how the Other Canon method has survived outside the field of economics. Harvard Business School is based on principles from Gustav Schmoller, the leading figure of the German Historical School, through his pupil Edwin Gay who was the first Dean of the school. 

Since 2006 Tallinn University of Technology offers an MA in Other Canon Type Economics: Some of the fields covered are The History of Economic Policy & Historical Cases of Different Forms of Capitalism (Prof. Erik Reinert), Finance (Prof. Jan Kregel), Public Administration (Prof. Wolfgang Drechsler) and Technology and Innovations (Prof. Carlota Perez)